Monday, December 07, 2009

Blogs, They are a Changin'

Hey kids! Two Can Anne's transforming herself, and it's impossible for the blog not to change with her.

Stay tuned for a big announcement to be announced, as I'll announce the new announcement with an announcement shortly.


Del-V said...

I love big announcements. They feel so important.

love, jenn said...

I, too, love an announcement! And think that change is a good thing! And also- YOU are a good thing! ANd so is a good blueberry! xo

Anonymous said...


Del-V said...

I can't tell if Brittkchancellor is also excited for the big anouncement or if he wants you to buy Chinese Viagra.

Nina Paley said...
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Nina Paley said...

I smell a Drysdale!

JR said...

Can't wait to say that I heard the announcement shortly to be heard within the hearing of all hearers, who'll use their hearers to hear that which will be heard by all hearers within the range of hearing ............. thanks!

teri said...

Will Doodle be running this blog, from now on?

love, jenn said...

I think Doodle is brittkchancellor. If ever there was a cat who could speak Chinese (?), it would be Doods!

Tom said...


I Wonder What It Is??????????
If I quess right, do I get a prize?
Anyway Jets beat Bills last week
So we are even again 0 beans exchanged
We'll continue with this in Spring Training

Go Yanks
See you in the Office before Holidays, Hopefully

anne altman said...

man, my silly bills, can't even pull it off in toronto


yes tommy boy look forward to seeing you soon

go sox