Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It's Time to De-Clutter If This Drawer Is Not the Junk Drawer

Welcome to my kitchen:

This is not the junk drawer.  


Now, have a look. 

Same old drawer with less! 

Almost new, yes?

Yay! We put everything on the table and donated a kitchen's worth of duplicative and rarely-used utensils to charity*. One notable rarely/never used item: melon baller. Now, a melon baller can be united with a melon by a melon ball lover instead of wasting its time at our house crammed in a drawer collecting dust and dirty looks from more popular items.

I kept the "I love you" toast tattoo maker for practical reasons. The tattoo doesn't show up that well on whole wheat but is probably super decent on Wonder white. Will advise.

* The Salvation Army now comes to you! They'll happily collect the items you've set aside for donation; simply call 1-800-SATRUCK to schedule a pickup, and everyone wins: more space for you, more help for others in need!


Sans Pantaloons said...

I called 1-800-SATRUCK. They're sending over a fleet of 5 Lockheed Galaxy to collect all my crap.

I think they'll need a bigger fleet.

Teri said...

how excited was I to see Two Can Anne blogging, again? Super excited.

they say you should have two of everything in the kitchen but only things like measuring spoons, measuring cups, etc.

glittermom said...

Still working on that drawer...I hate this new identity thing, hard to figure out sometimes...cuts down on comments..

Unca Dee said...

Mama & I had AmVets of WWII come pick up 10+ boxes of stuff (books, toys, clothes, linens, etc.) after our yardsale! Felt great & to a good cause.