Sunday, December 09, 2007

Anne's Fashion Tips: Colors Which Don't Go Together, Yo

  • Brown and Yellow

  • Grey and Brown

  • Pink and Red

I was inspired to post this because I saw a picutre of a broad online recently (it may have been Kanye West's late mother) with a brown and yellow suit on, which--as if I need to spell it out-- conjures up nothing but Poop and Pee. Grey and brown is tempting, I realize, because to most men (and most men are colorblind) it's close enough, but, no, it's not. Not even close to close enough (brown is warm, grey is cool, get over it).

Finally, pink and red, well, there's nothing more than I ever wanted to do as my six year old self but bound out of the house for gymnastics class in pink tights and a red leotard-- to my mother's chargrin, I might add. Something about it the combination I loved and still love, but I realize it's wrong. Perhaps what I love about it is that it's wrong. At least it conjures up visions of cotton candy and candied apples instead of the aforementioned.

As you were.


anne altman said...

sometimes i can help people who aren't looking for a video of two chicks and a cup of poo. example:

today i helped the following googler with this very post.

"1 - 2.50% does brown and grey go together"

and now we know the answer is NO

Jaylene said...

Hello, I would like to ask about teal top with a skirt having mainly tan with browns around the edges! would this color combo be nice??

Anonymous said...

Sounds Nice Yes :D

i Am Decorating my bedroom again.
I'm thinking a nice pink and brown.
i don't want it to look childish because i'm 15. but i want it to really look nice.
Any idea's ??

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Immy said...

OMG! I'm painting my room brown and pink! And i dont want it childish and because i'm 15! OMG! WOW! anyway, im going to a party for eurovision and you have to wear a hideous outfit consisting of colours that really don't go. Can anyone suggest colours? xxxx Thanks. xxx

skylight813 said...

So I'm kind of still not sure how to pair up colors. I have a magenta silk party dress and I was thinking navy blue pointed heels with it. Would those go together? I think it looks good but who knows what the experts would say!! (Isn't it true that pinkish purples go well with dark blues?) and does that mean I should pair it with navy blue accessories? THANKS!

Anonymous said...

What colors don't go with pink besides red?