Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Front Row at a Junk Show: Pupperty of the Penis

Rich Binning and Christopher J. Cannon

I never thought I'd say this (and I say a lot of stuff) but Puppetry of the Penis--a show where two dudes manipulate their genitals into objects d'art--is a delight.

Believe it!

I went to see Puppetry of the Penis last week at the theater at 45 Bleecker and was treated to a spot in the front row, basically center. Warm-up act and fellow comedian Rachel Feinstein cracked up the audience with her hysterical material and good thing she did, because minutes later there was to be full-frontal nudity that required heat for both audience and perfomers alike.

But don't misunderstand the concept of the show, Puppetry of the Penis ; it's not sexual or sordid. It's fun and silly. "Puppeteers" Rich Binning and Chris Cannon have wonderful stage presence from their training in theater, and it doesn't hurt they're both very easy on the eyes. Their skillful, playful crowd work was not only effective but necessary considering the fine line they straddle between entertaining and terrifying the audience. I mean, afterall, they're naked.

Oh, and they're also fully trained experts on their downtown origami.

Some highlights (from the basic to the more complicated)

the woman
the Brazilian woman
the brain
the hairy brain
the eye
the swollen thumb


the hamburger.

After a particularly challenging trick, they'd ask, "How's everyone copin'?"

Now that's pretty much all I want to write about POP because I don't want to give too much away. Plus, there's not much you can say about a dick trick show; one has to see it to believe it.

Go see Puppetry of the Penis before they go on their Canadian Tour!

Upcoming week's performances at 45 Bleecker:

  • Thu.Oct.1

  • Fri.Oct.2

  • Sat.Oct.3

Tickets available here!

Enjoy the show, I know you will.

In the meantime, rock out with your cock out!

Just keep it clean, kids.

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