Friday, August 28, 2009

Crazy Peeps at It Again

Heh heh.


Micgar said...

I wish I could really do that! I hate those infomercials! These guys are funny as hell!

Blue Beak said...

I want one! Brilliant!!

Disclaimer: I am not an actor, but a chicken.

Anonymous said...

qa aq qw wq ws sw we ew ed de er re rf fr rt tr tg gt ty yt yh hy yu uy uj ju ui iu ik ki io oi ol lo pl lp as sd df fg gh hj jk kl zx xc cv vb bn

Micgar said...

Sheesh! That "comment" by anonymous is sure ironic!
I hovered over the links-I wouldn't click any of those if I were you!!