Thursday, August 06, 2009

Doodle Bug Turns 10 Tomorrow

Doodle, NYC ~ June, 2009

And sadly, I'll be out of town. The good news is that Doodle could give a fat crap that it's her birthday, and we'll celebrate her 10th with an appropriate BLOWGANZA befitting the Queen that she is when I return. 

Happy Birthday, Doodle. I love you. 


Sans Pantaloons said...

I hope you have a great birthday Doodle!

bubbles said...

Happy Birthday, Doodle!

I have commented before that I have a kitty that is Doodle's twin. (I know, everyone does, but I also have a new kitten named Wanda that is a look alike.) The first one came from Animal Control in Connecticut in 2003, so maybe Doodle and she are cousins.

On another semi-related subject, we have a dog named Daisy. I call her Daisy Doodle... and most days I call her Doodle bug.

Kindred spirits? :-)

Happy B-day Doodle! I love your pictures and feel like I know you!

Some Guy said...

Happy Birthday, Doodle! I can't tell how many times you've brightened my day.

Laura Suttell said...

Dear Doodle,
Happy Birthday to you! You have the coolest cat name in the world. Here's to a sunny day, filled with cat nip and lots of naps. I'll toast your health tonight with cold Canadian. (His name shall be Ian.)

Del-V said...

Doodle is a Leo! It shows.

teri said...

Happy belated, Doodle.

Hopefully Anne will get you some mousies.

Jen said...

happy b-day doodle!!!

everyone loves doodle!

newbluebaby said...

Hey cat.

Eat cake.