Thursday, July 15, 2010

Big Birthdays in Las Vegas

John turned four months old yesterday. Since he's outgrown his "lie around on the Boppy pillow and get a flat head while Mommy watches The Price is Right" stage, I thought it was a good opportunity to drag out the over-sized toy my boss generously donated to us, an enormous EvenFlo ExerSaucer (ie: Neglect-a-Saucer) which had been living in a jumbo black garbage bag in my foyer.

I was hoping against hope that the baby didn't like it so I'd have a reason to donate the saucer someone who lives in a more appropriately-sized dwelling, but to my chagrin, John is bonkers for it. JD calls the ExerSaucer, appropriately, "The Las Vegas of Playtime." Here is Mr. Las Vegas himself literally in his element:

John, NYC ~ July 14, 2010


Additionally, John celebrated his four-month milestone this morning with a new trick after Fido's own heart: He rolled over. His Daddy and I cheered, complete with a high-five. Go Johnny, go Johnny, it's your birthday. Now if you don't like what you see, just spin around, you little twerp! This is Las Vegas!


teri said...

I think these toys are great for babies and require hours of fun.

DeeDoodle said...

I'm sorry sir - you still look jet-lagged. Let me top off your formula with a little nightcap...