Friday, July 09, 2010

Her Latest Trick

Doodle, NYC ~ July 6, 2010

Baby's arrival, age, and general boredom have affected Doodle's mood of late. I seem to remember a time when she wasn't discontent with her dry food and constantly begging for meaty bits from a can like a dog would, but it's a distant memory. Every time I go into the kitchen now, she whines for food, despite the fact that she gets meaty bits for breakfast and dinner. The problem is, I go into the kitchen a lot these days because the baby needs a bottle every few hours and to Doodle, that means Meaty Bits Time. But if I feed her on every occasion she asks for it, she'll either eat it all and throw it up on the carpets, or not finish it, rendering it useless.

The afternoon I took this picture, she had given up on the posturing with audio after a dozen attempts I ignored, and so she simply sat by her dishes. Cats have tremendous patience; she knows that at some point, someone will give in. Yes, the floor is dirty. And yes, that's Ernie atop her dry food dish in the background, a cherished gift from Aunt Whipcreamy.


B.E. Earl said...

We have that same Drinkwell fountain for our cats. One of them has a hate/hate relationship with the cap on the top. He feels the need to drink directly from the resevoir behind instead of the fountain itself. So he nudges it off with his nose whenever we put it in place.

Now we just leave it off all the time. He won. He beat us. Damn cat!

anne altman said...

if it makes you feel any better, i've heard of that: john's grandparents' cat William of Orange does the same thing with the lid on the Drinkwell. they are constantly replacing it.

cats: relentless!!!!

glittermom said...

Thats one cranky looking cat.