Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What Happens Las Vegas

John, NYC ~ July 19, 2010

I mentioned earlier that John got a ride in his first ExerSaucer on his four-month birthday, and JD named it The Las Vegas of Playtime because John gets such a kick out of it. Ironically, it is a medieval-themed version with King and Queen, Jester, etc, and looks not unlike the Excalibur Hotel.

Lately we've been playing a game where JD will "fly" John around the room and into Las Vegas: "We're now landing in Las Vegas International Airport, where the time is 4:20 pm and the temperature a comfortable 108 degrees..." And then he plops the baby down in the seat, and we usually have the following conversation with him as he bops around in there and has his mind blown:

  • Good afternoon, Sir. Welcome to the Excalibur Hotel. Are you checking in? Do you need help with your bags?
  • Here are you keys, Sir. Suite 5000. Yes, the Dom is chilling in your room, everything is as you requested.
  • Dinner is at 6:30. Shall we draw a bath in the meantime for you, Sir?
  • Have you had too much to drink, Sir?
  • Would you like another drink, Sir?
  • Is this dealer cold? Would you like to switch tables?
  • You're crying. Have you had enough of Las Vegas?
  • No? Would you like another drink? Can I interest you in the roulette table?
  • Have you tried the slots? Please swivel around and enjoy the buffet.
  • Glad you're having a good time.
  • You're drooling, Sir. There's a big puddle betwixt your toes. Or is that pee?
  • As the Mayor of Las Vegas, I would like to present you with the Keys to the City.
  • Sir, I noticed you got sick on yourself. And you're crying again. And you may have made a little bean pie in your pants. Did you make a little bean pie in your pants? Whoa! Excuse me, Sir? If it's no trouble, might you warn me before you belch your drink of formulakkah in my face? Okay. Can I escort you to your room? Are you ready to leave Las Vegas? You can always come back...


glittergirl said...

they should make an exasaucer for grown ups!

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