Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cat Shiz for Today

Dave and I tried to explain to Tuna (someone who didn't grow up with cats) what they do when they see prey they want to munch on. Doodle does it at flies and moths, and Iris, Dave's cat, would do it at birds. They make this high pitched chirpy, chattering noise which is involuntary for them and hilarious for us. Here's an example I found on YouTube, it's slow going, but then it peaks in the right place. You'll see. 

And while we're here, let's check out a video of two cats doing some plain old meowing. It's cute. They totally dig each other.

And finally, someone twist on the same vid, it's clever:

Ok, I hope these blew some of the doom and gloom out of your room. You're welcome.


teri said...

I will always love the video of the two cats talking.

My cat does the same for birds, that chatter but never to that level. They lose interest, fast.

Melissa said...

My cat can't meow... and I guess he can't chirp/chatter either. When he wants food he opens his mouth, but only this breathy 'haaa' comes out. It's pretty pathetic.

Del-V said...

Princess Kitty Snugglemuffin only hisses. She's a bitch. I would love to own a happy cat one day.

Nina Paley said...

Those two "talking" cats are so goddamn cute. It's nuts.

whipcreamy said...

LOVE it!