Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bills v Jets on Sunday: Time for a Re-Post!

My friend Mike generously offered to take me to the Bills v Jets game at the Meadowlands on Sunday. Since Mike's a Jet fan, we most likely will not be wandering over to the Bills' Tailgate, so here's a re-post on that glorious day of sunshine and a big Buffalo win. Sunday's forecast is rain, rain, rain, and the Bills, well, we all know the Bills aren't doing so well. But that which doesn't kill us makes us... not dead, so let's go, Buffalo!


love, jenn said...

jelly! stay away from the bowling ball!

Tom said...

Hey Alt

Jets are 9 1/2 favorite
I left you a voice meil today at work

This means the Bills are 9 1/2 over the Jets even before the game starts. Jets have to win by at least 10

Are you in for a couple of beans or not?


anne altman said...

i'm in!!!!

tom, i'm in.


Tom said...

OK 2 beans it is

Lets Go J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets