Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'd Like

To go to a diner and order some coffee and a piece of pie. Like an old person does.

Preferably good pie, though. Not a crappy piece of pie. It has to be good.

Back in the day, I'd take my grandmother to Arby's. She'd get a kid-sized roast beef sandwich and a cup of black coffee. And even though I was buying, she'd insist that they accept her Senior Citizen discount. She was cute.

Coffee and roast beef. Champion combo. I think I'd prefer pie.


B.E. Earl said...

I'd go with the roast beef and coffee.

Just feels a bit more self-destructive than pie.

Jenni said...

Beef and Cheddar, curly fries, and a coffee. Mmmmmm

Creepy said...

Roast beef with soda, pie with milk. Cold milk.

This weekend I listened to a drunk guy at a bar rave about how phenominal his grandmother's mulberry pie was. I've never tasted mulberry, let alone mulberry pie.

Or huckleberry. Where does one find huckleberry pie???

anne altman said...

i think you can get huckleberry pie wherever Strawberry Shortcake lives. or is she dead?

Just Dave said...

Coffee and cherry pie ot peach cobbler. As good as it will get on Earth.