Thursday, October 01, 2009


Alrighty Dancing with the Stars enthusiasts, listen up:

I'm giving away TWO (2) tickets* to the tanned, toned, red, red hot Broadway show, BURN THE FLOOR! (a $89.50 - $126.50 value!)

And guess who joined the BURN THE FLOOR team? Your favorite, Carrie Ann Inaba! David Cote of Time Out New York calls the show "HEART POUNDING! SPLENDID DANCE AND GORGEOUS DANCERS!" You know it.

Contest rules: Please play the game only if you wish to win tickets to a Broadway show for yourself or someone you love/like, ayite? In this crap economy, we don't want a free fun time going to waste, do we? Of course we don't.

*These tickets are in voucher form, good for BURN THE FLOOR shows October 1 through October 31 on a "faxed come, faxed served" basis (vouchers are faxed with preferred dates at least 3 business days before the performance requested and confirmation will be faxed back wtihin 1 week prior to the performance requested.

Ready to play a game? Name That Machine!

Good luck and happy playing!


B.E. Earl said...

Easy. I don't know the name, but it makes Everalasting Gobstoppers in the Chocolate Factory.

anne altman said...

you are very close, actually.

JR said...

an automatic 35mm slide mounting machine

anne altman said...

nope, BE was closer.

keep 'em coming

teri said...

a candy wrapper?

anne altman said...


AJL said...

bubblegum machine

anne altman said...


you are the winner!

the correct answer is:

lollpop machine.

and bubblegum machine is close enough for me.

You've won two tickets to Burn the Floor, congratulations!

Please email me at

so I can get them to you!

Hurry: shows are for October.

Congrats and thanks for playing!