Monday, October 19, 2009

Finally Wide Right's on the Other Foot

The Bills beat the Jets in OT, yo! And I was there.

Note to teams playing the Bills: Watch the picks; the Bills might win if they get five interceptions.


Buffalo 16, Jets 13


Anonymous said...

Hey Alt

Ok you won and now up 2 beans
Jets stunk up the place
five picks any any team can beat you

Next game in November

love, jenn said...

WOOO HOOOO!!! Go Bills! I love that you were there!!

Del-V said...

Yay Bills!

anne altman said...

it was grand!

and tom says i'm two beans richer, i'll take it!


PS good luck with your yanks, tonite, tom---i want 'em to win for you, but i'm all Angels all the way praying for a miracle

Anonymous said...

Hey Alt

Sunday, Monday total washout
A Rod, Jeter, Posada not enough last night
Oh well tonight's gotta be better
Thanks for your support anyway
It's time to clip their wings
Later Tom

Creepy said...

The Jets and Rex Ryan losing again, LOVE IT!