Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jets v Bills in Three

Me and Mikey No Eyes, freezing our cans off. Photo taken by the Bills fan in the next frame.

The Jet Fan Who Would Be Tossed. Spent 3 quarters not watching the game, but instead, hassling the Bills fan to my right. Thankfully, I was incognito to enjoy the harassment.

The Bills Fan, not giving the peace sign, but reacting to the "TWO AND TWELVE!!!" rant by the Jet Fan Who Would Be Tossed. We may be 2 and 4, but now you lost to us and you're 3 and 3. Burn.
Let's Go, Buffalo.

Jets v Bills @ the Meadowlands, 10/18/09


DeeDoodle said...

For a second, I thought this was Yankee Stadium last weekend & was like, "WTF"?!?!!??! ;-)

Sans Pantaloons said...

Great photographs!
It's like I was there, I can hear the abuse!

love, jenn said...


Just Dave said...

Assholes like that are why I quit going to football games. I would rather watch on TV and make my own "less than $10" hot dogs.