Tuesday, January 01, 2008

happy 2008, yo.

for reals.

anne and doodle


Teri said...

Word up! Right back atcha, Anne and Doodle.

more tuna and men in 2008.

(tuna for Doodle and men for Anne. unless Anne wants tuna?)

Blue Beak said...

The tuna don't stand a chance.

Del-V said...

Anne and Doodle,

Happy 2008!


Just Dave said...

Oops-forgot to wish Doodle a happy new year. Must be the lack of a 2008 Doodlecat calendar on my wall.

Jen said...

I look forward to another
year of two can anne

plus doodle

anne altman said...

08 calendars are in the works!

Teri said...

YAY! doodle calendars!!!

Hurry, Anne, HURRY!!!

matt said...

Will there be a tardy discount offered on these Doodle '08s?

anne altman said...

only for tards.