Friday, January 11, 2008

Key Lime Pie Martini Cocktail

I had a few of these delicious and refreshing girly cocktails last night, and I'd like to share the recipe with my dear, dear alcoholic readers. They're delicious because without the pineapple juice, they're tart and not too sweet. I liked it with a few extra squeezes of fresh lime.

1.5 ounces vanilla vodka
1.5 ounces coconut rum
.5 ounces lime juice
1 lime wedge
1 aluminum cocktail shaker
1 martini glass
optional: splash of pineapple juice, one crushed graham cracker (to rim martini glass)


  • Fill martini glass with ice. Add water. Let the glass chill while you do the following:
  • Pour the vanilla vodka, coconut rum (optional pineapple juice) and lime juice into the cocktail shaker and give it a few heavy handed shaky shaky shakes.
  • Empty the ice and water from the martini glass and run the lime slice around the rim. Next, for optional effect: crush the graham cracker into fine crumbs, and rim the glass by spinning it 'round in a plate of the crumbs.
  • Pour contents of the shaker into glass (without touching the sides and ruining your fine rim work). Slice lime wedge in the center and hang on edge of glass.
  • Enjoy!


Creepy said...

You left out the last part of the recipe: putting your legs behind your head after ingesting too many of these delicious cocktails.

anne altman said...

also an optional item...