Monday, December 22, 2008

Rollin' Wit M' Homos 4 Da Holidaze

We took Tuna out for his birthday tonight for a festive evening at the Spotted Pig in the Village. Afterwards, Dave drove the three of us (he has an automobile!) over to Nowhere on 14th Street for a nightcap and a sighting of Dirty Santa and Naughty Elves (who never made it) and maybe some eye candy / cock and balls for the fellas under the mistletoe. Here's what we freaked out to on the car ride over with the windows down like common gay hoods. 

Please enjoy Tuna's Birthday Car Ride Mix. Are you ready for to get your freak on now please? Cause if you ain't ready, don't listen to this. You gotta be ready to freak. Are you ready? You're welcome.

Missy Elliot

Gwen Stefani



B.E. Earl said...

Didja have the Haddock chowder at the Spotted Pig? It's just about my favorite thing ever!

anne altman said...

OMG OMG OMG OMG with the homemade crackers and a side of shoestring fries? Please!



glittermom said...

I must be getting old...I got tired out just watching those videos..

anne altman said...

i told yas y'all gots to be ready to freak. maybe you weren't ready.

Nina Paley said...

That Beyonce dance video is mesmerizing.

Micgar said...

I hadn't really liked Missy E before, but she's pretty unique-that song is pretty cool! that video is wild. Not to sound gross, but the beginning of that G Stefani clip sounds like a diahrrea fart! Sorry! That's gross!