Friday, December 19, 2008

This is Snow?

No. THIS is snow.
Oswego, NY


Sans Pantaloons said...

We have only had light falls here that lasted a few hours.
Plenty of rain. Wet rain. Wet and cold.

And miserable. Or maybe that's just me.


proud and progressive said...

No, I'll show you real snow. Check out proud and progressive ( We've been knee deep in show slippin' and slidin' here for a week.

Micgar said...

Wish we would have some snow for the holidays! We never get much snow down here-especially last 10 yrs or so. Last year we got a freak, rare snow storm that dumped a foot, but this year, we have had just one that gave us about 2 inches of snow. That'll probably be about it for the winter.