Saturday, December 13, 2008

Today Doodle Gets an A in Annoying

Right up in my grill. All. Day. Long. You would think that a spacious apartment would be big enough for the two of us. And you wouldn't think that an adorable whiskerlicious 7 pound vocal bag of fur could terrorize so, but Doodle exceeds expectations. 

Doodle, NYC, 2006


B.E. Earl said...

Our cat Sammi has been equally as annoying today. Both she and I have pretty bad colds, so she decided that she needs to sleep directly on me all day long. And when I push her away to go the bathroom or jump on the computer, she follows me. She's looking at me right now. I think I hate her today. A little.

anne altman said...

they do like the heat that a fever puts off

Some Guy said...

She's got those devil-eyes.