Tuesday, February 17, 2009

All I'm Sayin' Is: Plane Crashes and Beheadin' Husbands Give Buffalo a Bad Name

The term crazy is tossed about so much that what is indeed technically, text book, clinically, court-of-law "crazy" and what the shades of grey are can be debated until the cows come home.

But the person who cuts another person's head off? 

Someone like Mr. Mo Hassan, for example, from Orchard Park, New York? Who got a little pissy doodles at his wife for filing for divorce so he cut her head off?

Well, that head-cutting off person (usually a dude: testosterone! now with 100% more rage!) is absolutely, undoubtedly, resolutely, completely, positively, honestly, totally, seriously, irreversibly, bat-shit, out of their minds, mother fuckin', cryin' out loud, goddamned, doggone, crazy.

As is the American tourist who visits the M&M store or the Olive Garden in Times Square for a reason other than needing to take an urgent, messy dump. 

Crazy people? They walk among us.

We just never know when they're going to cut our heads off.

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Del-V said...

Buffalo wings make up for every plane crash, decapitation and all the consecutive Super Bowl losses.