Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Anger Management '09

Our in-house actuary (you may remember him from my 256 Ways to Personalize a Wendy's Hamburger post) gave me an inspiring example of how he's managing his anger in the new year:

At this pool this morning a woman asked if she could share his lane--as apparently when it gets too crowded this is protocol--and he said "Of course."

She then asked, "Is the water cold?"

To which he immediately replied, in his head, 'HOW THE F AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHAT YOU THINK IS COLD, YOU F'IN IDIOT?" and instead of saying that out loud he went with a milder form of communique:

"You get used to it."


PS He doesn't think Anger Management '09 will last longer than the 2nd week in February, so let's congratulate him while he's still in "the mood."

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teri said...

He's come a long way. Congrats to him!