Sunday, February 22, 2009

Two Can Anne Poll: Are You Employed?

24 (72%)

9 (27%)

I'm not a math person, but recalling the grades I got in Algebra, Geometry, and Chemistry --report cards which I doctored with surprising success using a basic pencil eraser and exceptional art skills--a 72% is an unacceptable, shitty grounds-for-grounding C freakin' minus.  


bubbles said...

I never answered your poll. I'm unemployed and looking for work. I'm never in any of the unemployment numbers because I haven't worked in so long they don't count me anymore.

Worst. President. Ever.

Del-V said...

Bubbles - the worst president ever was William Henry Harrison. He died 32 days into his first term and did very little during those few days serving as president.

bubbles said...

I only Bush had been as bad as Harrison. We can dream, I guess!