Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Slumdog Dessert Tray: Blicky Blicky Doo Doo

Slumdog Millionaire's success has made India all the rage these days. But can we talk about their desserts? I respect and enjoy cultures foreign to my own as much as the next guy, which is like practically nobody so that makes me totally open-minded, yo, and I'm a big fan of Indian food. I try stuff. But if these are the delicacies, well, I dunno. The orange thing on the bottom looks like something wormy and tragic that came out of Doodle after she messed with some leftover Buffalo wings after a tragic Bills loss. I think I'd rather take my calories by suckin' on a Taj Mahal after my samosa if it's alright with all y'all. I photographed the following on a recent walk through Manhattan's Curry Hill:



Badam Barfi?

Green Barfi?

Curry Hill, Lexington Avenue near 29th Street, 1/09


Grant Miller said...

I've had green barfi. It's better than the yellowish green variety.

teri said...

It all looks unappetizing!

Nina Paley said...

...says Ms. protein-shake-for-lunch.

Try kulfi some time, it is delicious (but since it's frozen you won't see it in those sweets cases).

anne altman said...

ms protein shake eats her dinner calories in beer.