Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Retro Bang: A New Series

Retro Bang is a creepy new series where I post about celebrities I'd bang despite the fact that they're either dead, wicked old, or fictitious

Brian Keith with Jan Sterling

For Retro Bang's Premiere, I'm proud to present the one and only, Bayonne, New Jersey-born, Brian Keith! You may recognize him from the original 1961 version of The Parent Trap, or from re-runs of A Family Affair (where Buffy's favorite doll was an old lady called Mrs. Beasley!), and you fell in love with him as the level-headed patron stranger hottie who teaches a vendetta-bound Steve McQueen how to use a gun to in Nevada Smith. Or was that me?

While Googling his image, I was fascinated by Brian Keith's legendary career and tragic details of his life which include the suicide of his stepmother (a struggling actress who infamously jumped from the H in the Hollywood sign), his daughter Daisy, and finally himself. He's gone, but bangable all the same.



newbluebaby said...

Did you see Sofia Loren at the Oscars? I'd still do her!

teri said...

he was a hottie when he was younger. he's not so bad as he got older but he's cuter when he was younger.

anne altman said...

arent we all, teri. aren't we all.

Del-V said...

I doubt Bea Arthur will make this list.

piglet said...

Entertaining *and* creepy. It's a keeper!