Tuesday, June 23, 2009

#1 on Your Summer Reading List Should Be


love, jenn said...

Read it last summer!! :(

Nina Paley said...

I sure wish I were on a grassy plain with a rearing white stallion and hunky dude in a vest tenderly ripping my bodice off.

Well not really, actually.

anne altman said...

yeah, fiction.

it's nice diversion from non-fiction where men don't like to kiss.

especially when rearing white stallions are zipping by.

doodle's not a fan of rearing white stallions. she prefers them dormant: in her Mighty Dog.

anne altman said...

jOANnE dElazZari?

ive reAD aLL HeR sTUFF.

all TeRRiBLe.


Del-V said...

That's actually a photograph of me and my ex-girlfriend from our vacation last summer. However, the white horse was airbrushed in.