Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Next Time You Feel Like Throwing Your 56 Year-Old Cat Out the Window

...because she crapped and/or pissed on your bed, take 70 deep breaths and remind yourself that you can't go through with it. Simply based on how cute she is. Especially in the photo you took of her this afternoon. I mean, cat lover or or not, it's impossible to deny.  She is so fucking cute:

Doodle, NYC ~ June 26, 2009

If a cat has to crap on my bed,  I'll take this one. Thanks. 

**Save the Date: Doodle's 10th Cat Birthday is August 7, 2009!** 
No shit,.


B.E. Earl said...

But it's the attitude that makes her shine.

anne altman said...

the cutest are the ones who don't know --and don't care-- how cute they are.

but they should know, because it saves them from being tossed out the window time after time.

Nina Paley said...

She is so cute!

Del-V said...

Just like women, the cute ones are always the meanest.

Creepy said...

She is cute. And you can tell she knows it. But I'm done tolerating urinating on my furniture. Come on, we take you in, feed you, care for you, love you, there's no excuse for fouling our pricy furniture.