Thursday, June 25, 2009

RIP Double Header: Farrah Fawcett n' Michael Jackson Die

Two ultimate masters of their crafts; may they both rest in peace. At least poor Farrah had a couple, two three hours of retrospection before the King of Pop popped.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to catch a plane so that I may stand outside Michael Jackson's house in Bel Air to get a front seat on the action that is unfolding now that he's been pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. Hopefully, I'll be interviewed by CNN about it so I can say that I'm his biggest fan and totally can't believe this is happening right now. Look for me; I'm wearing a white dress and one black glove.

According to CNN, which is streaming live out of my bunger, Michael Jackson is still dead. Will advise with more up-to-the minute news updates shortly, not immediately. Not on Twitter yet.


teri said...

I really have this notion that folks around the world are going to be saying that he's not really dead and he might have faked his death.

Call me crazy.

I'll keep my eyes posted on the CNN news for you.

Micgar said...

"streaming live out of your bunger"!?
I only get that if I eat at Grandy's!