Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What It's Like to be a VIP at Bonnaroo 2009 by Dave Hill

Warren Haynes (center), Dave Hill (right)
Photo: Dave Hill for

How's this for auxiliary awesomeness? My peep Dave Hill managed to not only play with his band Valley Lodge at Bonnaroo this year (as the House Band for Triumph the Insult Comic Dog's Bonnapoo), he blew his ass out from too much hot sauce AND he met the one and only, fierce and dreamy, Warren Haynes at the airport. Read Dave's snappy review of all the backstage, inside-scoop Bonnaroo shenanigans for Brooklyn Vegan here.


piglet said...

One of my favorite Dave Hill tweets: "I could totally see going all day today without doing a single crunch."

Micgar said...

what an honor! One of my favorite guitarists!

newbluebaby said...

I went to school with the guy on the right.

anne altman said...

i didn't know that you know dave, you know.