Thursday, August 12, 2010

I'd Post an Adorable Picture Here But

My camera (a Canon PowerShot SD880 IS Digital Elph) crapped out again. Well, let me explain. First it was awesome, then flash started popping and smoking just like one of those old square flashbulbs that you'd put on your Dad's Polaroid camera. Then it was too late to return it, so I just took photos without flash unless absolutely necessary and then with good warning to all involved. Then the camera crapped out a few weeks ago. Now, when I say "crapped out," it still takes photos, but I can't get them off the camera without removing the disk and putting it directly into a printer (or new camera) because of a "communication error." Who doesn't communicate with errors from time to time, eh? Then suddenly a week later or so it started downloading pictures and uncrapped itself. But last night it crapped itself again and still today I get a "communication error" message when I try to download photos. On the upside, the flash still smokes, which makes using the camera sort of fun still and dangerous.

New camera: Still on the list of things that I'm sure once I own will make me deliriously happy and satisfied in life.

In the meantime, I will continue to take pictures with El Smoking Cam Cam that may or may not be seen by the public. Stay tuned.


"Communication error" problem fixed! I did some research on the internets and found some advice someone had given another someone about the same problem, stating that storing over 1,000 photos on a memory card will prevent the photos from being uploaded via the camera onto a computer. So I deleted about 500 old pictures and you know what? We're back in business! (The flash still smokes. No idea what to do about that other avoiding taking flash pictures to close to the subject or spraying your hairdo with AquaNet at the same time)

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Sans Pantaloons said...

Anne, you are a smokin' hot talent with a smoking hot flash!

Totally agree with the AquaNet avoidance tactic...