Thursday, August 05, 2010

A Woman's Work is Never ___________


Sorry I've been MIA of late, guess I've been busy being a mother, a working mother. I could say there's no glory in motherhood (they wouldn't even light up the Empire State Building for Mother Theresa for cryin' out loud!) but ask me again whenever John smiles or laughs at me, and I'll retract that statement.

My little sweetie pie is growing fast and doing all kinds of new things like laughing, drooling, grabbing faces, glasses, and necklaces and rolling over on his sides. And he's got two bottom teeth poking out. Pretty soon he'll molt from a mole person into a mobile person. That's going to be a hoot.

Speaking of hoots, Auntie Jenn made this sunburst bib for John. Doesn't it manage to look delightful despite the dollop of puke on the front?

PS Doodle's been good. She won't use her new litter box (but hasn't used the bed), hates her new food (my bad, this working mother tried to save time by ordering a similar thing online, negativo resultivos), she ran away (again), she caught another mouse (again), and she killed it in the bathroom. Again. So, Mouseville took another hit and things are status quo in Doodleville.

John, NYC ~ August 3, 2010


love, jenn said...

He just couldn't be any cuter!! And he looks so very sweet in my handiwork! Puke and all!! :)

Sans Pantaloons said...

John is a ray of Sunshine, and Auntie Jenn is a Star!

Glad Doodle has settled down to a less active rebellion...

JR said...

Thanks for sharing your life with us, Anne! Makes me (father of two girls - 19;16) look back with fondness on the "early" days. Can't believe how big John got already!

Looking forward to watching him grow before our eyes ...



Abbi Crutchfield said...

Great shot! You should get this circular picture frame I saw at Hallmark yesterday. It has oval-shaped holes at 12 spots along the circumference -- like a clock, and you put a pic in for each month. The year-old pic is the biggest, in the center. Get it! Oh, it has a pink teddybear on it.