Monday, September 10, 2007

Wicked Insipid

From Perez Hilton. Perez rips Brit a new one here.

And she deserves it. I managed to catch the her opening of the MTV Video Music Awards last night purely by accident and WHOA, was it baaaaaad. I mean, unbelievably bad. Wicked insipid. She hobbled around the stage in stilletos she couldn't walk in like a cracked out and bloated AC hooker, perhaps hoping that the flashy lights and dozens of good dancers in shiny costumes she hired as backups would distract from her lifeless orange flesh. Terrible. Brit, you can't have a comeback if you never really went away. Sad. Sorta.

Host Sarah Silverman, on the other hand, delivered a relentless opening monologue, with an appropriate line about Britney, "She's 25 years old and already accomplished everything she's going to accomplish in life."

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Aaron said...

Having accomplished so much so far herself, perhaps Sarah Silverman is jealous that nobody in the tabloid press gives a rat's ass what she might be doing any given Saturday night...