Saturday, April 04, 2009

A Real A-Hole with Real Problems

I was waiting on the 7 platform yesterday for my annual trip to Sunnyside, Queens to see my accountant, when a woman decided to wait next to me. Exactly where I wait for a train is always a very calculated decision because I don't like stand near people, where I'm in the way people, or too close to the platform where people can push me onto the tracks, so clearly I was a little annoyed with her that she found my spot. 

After I gave her a mild dirty look (All this space on the platform and you stand here. Right up in my piece. Really?), I whipped out my paper and started reading. Then a Latino man with a guitar on his back approached the woman to say hello, as apparently they knew each other. 

"Hey!" he said.

"Oh, hi!"

"How's everything going?"

"How's everything going.  I never understand that phrase. Well, I guess some things are going really well and other things aren't, ok?"

"Oh, ok. Where are you going?"

"What kind of question is that, "Where am I going." It's not really your business, is it?"

"Well, I..."

"I have an appointment, ok?"


"I'm just very direct."

"I see."

"Yeah. Ok, well, it was nice seeing you."

"Ok. Bye." 

Then he hightailed it away from our spot on the platform, as he should have. 

I followed. 


Sans Pantaloons said...

Another lucky escape.

anne altman said...

Totes. She be a maaaaaajor craaaaazy pantz. no thanky!

teri said...

man, what a crazy bitch. Is rudeness still the in thing cause she could have just said "i have an appointment" and left it like that without being rude.

did I already say what a crazy bitch?