Monday, April 13, 2009

Two New Shows: One New and One Brand New!

  1. New: Mortified NYC! New Location, New Time! Le Poisson Rouge, Wednesday, May 20, 2009 @ 7 p.m. $10 tickets in advance, $15 day of show. "Hailed a 'cultural phenomenon' by Newsweek and celebrated for years by the likes of This American Life, The Today Show, Esquire, The Onion AV Club, Daily Candy, Entertainment Weekly, and E!, Mortified is a comic excavation of the strange and extraordinary things we created as kids. Witness adults sharing their own adolescent journals, letters, poems, lyrics, home movies, stories and more. After all, where else can you hear grown men and women confront their past with firsthand tales of their... first kiss, first puff, worst prom, fights with mom, life at bible camp, worst hand job, best mall job, and reasons they deserved to marry Jon Bon Jovi." Produced by Anne Altman and Julia Wright!

  2. Brand New! Misery Date: Online, Blind, and Simply Ridiculous Dating Stories!
    To my credit, I've had a lion's share of terrible dates--there's Cheap Guy, Gross Guy, Dumb Guy, Silent Guy, Militant Zionist Guy, "No Doubt About It" Guy (his favorite phrase), Creepy Vasectomy Guy, Yoga Guy, Guy Who Smelled Like a Hamper, Yellow Rubber Bracelet Guy, and I could go on. Oh, and I will: Misery loves company, so I've invited some similarly disenchanted folks to share their miserable stories for a cathartic evening of laughs, pity and a sliver of hope. Produced by Anne Altman. Ochi's Lounge, Friday, May 29, 2009 @ 7:30 p.m. Free!


whipcreamy said...

That's awesome! Did you make it all up yourself?

anne altman said...

None of the stories are made up, kids. All true. Sad, but true.

Nina Paley said...

Can I have vasectomy guy's number?

Del-V said...

This sounds great.