Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Bill Murray Isn't My Man

Simply because he hasn't met me yet. Oh, and because he's married and whatnot.

Oh, I heart Bill! Anne+Bill, Bill+Anne, Anne+Bill, Bill+Anne, Anne Murray, Mrs. Anne Murray...

Ok, so yes, we have techincally "met" before in that we did bump into each other once on the Upper West Side, but during the seconds it happened, it really wasn't a long enough time for him to fall in love with me. Sure, in the movies it happens all the time, but in real life, well, am I Mrs. Murray? No, I'm not. So get a life, people. Snap out of it, and get a friggin' life, would you???


meva said...

You might have had an 'intimate touching moment'. But I reckon I saw him first!

I've got history. I've got DOBS!

Mel said...

And if you did get married you could have him drive you around in a golf cart. Even if you arent married he could still do that :)