Monday, April 06, 2009

Palm Sunday Field Trip: Doodle Goes to Astoria

Doodle's been getting on my nerves of late, simply because Spring is here and she wants to go out and kill stuff, per usual. Saturday's hangover didn't go well with Doodle's in-my-grill, early morning stir craziness, so I decided get the both of us the heck out of the house and we made a field trip to Jenn's Bitchin' Patio in Astoria (2nd time in Queens in 2 days? WTF?) where I could get a little hair of the dog, meet Jenn's charming roommates (human and pisci) and Doodle could get her fresh air sniff on. I think the following pictures reveal what a tremendous time we had bitching over bagels in the bright Springtime sun.

Doodle's arrival

Spring buds

Jenn's picsi roommate, Pocket

It's better with booze--would you look at that sky?

Jenn's photo of me taking a picture of Doodle half in the bag (both of us)

The other half of the bag

Out of the bag

The Bitchin' Patio hostess modeling my pinhead hat*: 1 size fits all depending on how you tilt.

Photo of me and Doodle by Jenn. Doodle's ears? 100% akimbo.

Astoria, Queens ~ Palm Sunday ~ April 5, 2009

*My hat by none other than Cha Cha's House of Ill Repute


whipcreamy said...

that's great! I got O'Mally out of the house, too, on leash. We went to Marblehead neck to watch a bike race (I carried him across the causeway and he whined the whole time). Once at the race he had a following of many children. He was a good boy.

anne altman said...

the upside about ol o'malley being on the dumb side is that he's brave enough and proud enough to walk on a leash. doodle would have no part of that noise, too scaredy catty to be out in the wide open on a leash to be swooped up by a bald eagle.

love, jenn said...

Pocket says... great portrait!! I am worried about the size of my head, quite frankly but you and Doodle? You gals RULE!

anne altman said...

don't worry about yours---worry about the size of mine---i can't patronize a regular hat store, custom only for this microdome!