Friday, February 19, 2010

How Will I Send the Kid to College?

Spare change collected here, there, and everywhere, obvs!

Walked that bucket of beans I had on the credenza in my foyer over to the Penny Arcade at TD Bank this morning, and I left with just over $145.00 in paper money.



love, jenn said...

I LOVE PENNY ARCADE!!! did you try and guess? were you right? i am never right.... but usually for the better!!

kurt said...

In California we call those machines *COIN STAR* (hurrah!)

We mindlessly toss all of our minor coinage into a little jar and within 6 months it's full - drag the jar to *COIN STAR* and we have real money to spend on travel passes in England or gas money to Bakersfield

Would probably take 50,000 trips to *COIN STAR* to afford a year in a good college...or 100 trips for a semester in barber college

anne altman said...

we've got coinstar too, kurt, but the penny arcade is way better b/c they don't charge you to use the machine!
i believe coinstar takes a cut. (guess it's better than rolling your own coins)