Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Too Good to be True

Cupcakes topped with not just vanilla babies but chocolate as well (or Latino babies, as the package read, apparently). Comix, NYC ~ 1/27/10

Jon Friedman cracking up the kids with"your mother" jokes. Comix, NYC ~ 1/27/10

Folks "show"ered (and roasted) me and baby-to-be with love last week at Comix for the first-ever comedy co-ed Baby SHOWer that people not only didn't whine about attending beforehand, but raved about for days afterward.

Produced by Jenn Wehrung, Julia Wright, and Brandy Barber.

Special guests included dear peeps Jenn Hyjack, Honi Harlow, Giulia Rozzi, Shawn Hollenbach, Jenny Rubin, Jon Friedman, Leah Dubie, Matt Sears, Katina Corrao and Adam Wade live via satellite (or pre-recorded video, if you want to get technical)! Oh, and there were tremendous cupcakes.

Photos by Jenn Wehrung

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newbluebaby said...

I whined every step of the way there. But that was because my zipper was stuck in the down position.