Tuesday, February 16, 2010

You're Givin' It? I'm Takin' It

An extremely handsome man I know sent me an email this morning with the subject line, "I did not know that you starred in Inglorious Basterds."

And in the body of the email, he provided this link.

I was confused.

I wrote back, "Are you saying I look like this chick?"

(He couldn't possibly mean I look like this chick. Sure, we both have split ends, but...)

He replied, "What are you nuts/blind. Its you."

Um...Am I nuts? Possibly. Blind? Absolutely not. Is he nuts/blind? In my opinion, clearly.

Regardless, I'm taking his word for it.

Do you believe in magic? In this case I do. I have to.


teri said...

may be the shape of the face and the long hair but that's about it as far as the comparisons.

anne altman said...

in other words, we were separated at birth. i know! uncanny!

Sans Pantaloons said...

Melanie is nice looking, but Anne Altman is beautiful.

anne altman said...

i heard that somewhere, sans.

from you!

Erin said...

that melanie chick looks like she has a weak personality...you don't look like you have a weak personality.

anne altman said...

do i look like i have a weak bladder?

i should.

A Friend of Greenberg said...

It's the mouth and hair. The eyes and nose are completely different.

And yes, you look like you have a week bladder. :)