Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Conversations with Anne Go Like This

Anne:(to colleague): Your necklace is very pretty.
Colleague: Thank you.
Anne: Is that a magic mushroom?
Colleague: A what?
Anne: A mushroom. You know, a psychedelic mushroom?
Collegaue: Oh, no, it's a hamsa.
Anne: A what?
Colleague: A hamsa. You know, hand of God?
Anne: Oh, no. Different interests, I guess.
Colleague: Yeah, I guess.
Anne: Yeah. Ok, well, bye!
Colleague: Bye.


newbluebaby said...

After you said "hand of god", you should have smacked said colleague and then said "who has smited you".

Oh where is that time machine when you need it? Huddla Huddla!

Grant Miller said...

That is a very pretty necklace.