Saturday, July 14, 2007

Dinner For Three, Chef Boy-Ar-Dee?

Chef says this lil' box feeds three. No wonder we've turned into a nation of fat asses. "Hey, how's your ass?"

"Pretty fat."

"It sure is."


Just Dave said...

AArgh. I lived on that nasty crap when I was growing up. No wonder I am warped.

Dale said...

He didn't wait for an answer after he asked if he could come in, that's plain rude! I loved his ravioli in a can, hot or cold, but his pizza couldn't measure up to the Kraft version. I am so sad.

anne altman said...

no i loved his pizza!

see, what you had to do is use 2 boxes per pizza. otherwise it's too flimsy.

may i come in?

Dale said...

You're welcome as long as you bring 2 boxes. Make that 3.

whipcreamy said...