Thursday, January 15, 2009

American Express Bill: Paid in Full? In the New Economy?

Believe it! That fat bastard albatross has been hanging around my neck for years and as of three minutes ago, it's over. Basta! I have a confirmation number and everything! New Mantra: Get Out of Debt in Recession 09 with Money Saved By Not Eating Food. The Poverty Diet? Pays big dividends.


teri said...

Congratulations, Anne. You're setting a good example for the rest of us debt mongers.

Mojito Libre said...
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Sans Pantaloons said...

Well done Anne! I will follow your lead.

liegerm said...

It feels good, doesn't it? Paying off credit cards, I mean, not starving yourself. I have been saving money this winter by economising on heating to the point where I have regularly had ice on the inside of my kitchen window. Not the same as not eating, but effective all the same.

Credit cards are pure evil designed to get us into more and more debt. We get into debt to pay off debt and pay for the privilage. I think this is one of the reasons why we're in this economic mess (I can only speak on behalf of the UK, not the US). Greed. Pure evil greed.

Love the blog, by the way. You're very funny (in a non-window-licking kinda way). I stumbled upon it looking for a phrase that looks like "I love you" if you lipread.


anne altman said...



thanks for reading, liegerm. and welcome to two can anne.