Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jager Bombs? They're SO Bush Administration

There's a new way to get messed up in town. Originally called the "O-Bomb," I officially christened it last night toasting Obama (and roasting his hot mess predecessor).

  • The Obama Bomb
  • * One shot Stoli Orange
  • * Mixed with (or dropped into) equal parts Red Bull and orange juice.

Tastes like Tang. Who doesn't love an orange beverage with a kick of obnoxious?

You're welcome.

Congratulations all around on our 44th President!


Grant Miller said...

God I love some Tang.

Winter said...


anne altman said...


Carolyn said...

I'd like to try one of those with you. I bet if you set a flaming wedding dress next to it the Obama Bomb would blow.

Del-V said...

Astronauts get all the Tang.

love, jenn said...

I am in for O-Tang shooters whenevs, Alt!

newbluebaby said...

Yes, they were good and I plan on O'Bombing it again. I hope this doesn't get red flagged.