Monday, January 12, 2009

This is Why I'm Not Hot (and Need a New Wardrobe)

A typical weekday morning for Anne trying to find "suitable" office attire:

Find a pair of pants. Clean? Ok. Wrinkled? No. Ok. Rummage for a sweater. Do they match? Great. Oh. Moth hole in the sweater. Boo! I loved that sweater! Need to find a new top. New top doesn't have holes but doesn't match the pants. Find new pants. Too long with those boots. Other boots with higher heel don't match the pants. Find new pants. Old top doesn't match the new pants. Find a new top. Matches new pants. Sort of.

Recession. Rough.


glittergirl said...

here's my trick to a simple work wardrobe: find a pair of black pants you like, then buy 3 or 4 pair. wear them 100% of the time at work, and then you only have to worry about the shirt/ blouse/ sweater/ tube top portion of the ensemble.

also, people will never know if you've worn the same pair of pants twice in a row.

i'm working on a personal record for how many days i can wear the same pants in a row.

anne altman said...

i think the point of this post is that i suck.

glittergirl said...

yeah, and my "advice" would only make you suck more.

it's a lose/lose proposition!