Saturday, January 17, 2009

WTF '09

Since 2009, I've admittedly (to my chagrin) been obsessed with adding the phrase " '09" after everything I say. Either out loud to a real live person or to myself, either out loud, or silently, in my head. Basically all the time. Every waking hour. It's as if I have Tourette's '09 with the '09 thing. Some examples:

Shut Up '09
Awkward '09
Annoying '09
You Suck '09
I Suck '09
'09 Sucks
Doodle '09
Slimy '09
Greatest Text of '09
Vindaloo '09
Hudson River Aircraft Landing '09
What are You Talking About '09
Grow Up '09
Jager Bombs '09
Your Left Tit is Bigger Than Your Right Tit '09
Why Can't I Stop Chanting Things and Ending Them With '09
'09: Boo!
Boo '09
I'm Really Into '09 '09
'09 '09


whipcreamy said...

i like '09 sucks, but you should have ended it with '09

Nina Paley said...

Doodle '09. You can make it more patriotic by adding "Yankee" at the beginning.