Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Eight Million Stories' New Feature: Happy Hour with Two Can Anne

I'll be working with the amazing Kevin Heald*, Editor-in-Chief, and the rest of the gang at Eight Million Stories on a new feature called Happy Hour with Two Can Anne, a feature featuring... me. Oh, and the stuff that I do in this town.

Please check out the new NYC webzine and the first installment of Happy Hour with Two Can Anne: One September Night. Viva NYC. Totes.

*I'd be remiss not to cross-promote here: Kevin also does Marketing for marvelous milliner to the stars, Cha Cha at Cha Cha's House of I'll Repute. Need a lid? Sure you do. Cha Cha's your broad.


teri said...

Congrats, Anne.

Wow, a celebrity!

anne altman said...

oh, indeed! but so are you, no?

Bel Air said...

Welcome to the fold.
-Allie (music column)

anne altman said...

thank you!