Tuesday, March 03, 2009

365(6) by Anya Garrett

Another one of my incredibly talented colleagues, Anya Garrett, has just published a book! It's an amazing collection of her 365 Days of Self Portraits Photography Project which she worked on tirelessly from April '07 to April '08.  

You may recognize Anya's work from the pics she takes for us at Mortified in NYC (see her photos from our last show, Mortified's My Pathetic Valentine on February 11, click here) to the head shots of celebrities, up-and-coming celebrities, and plain old civilians like yours truly. Check out her new book, "365 (6)" here. For more information on Anya, visit her at AnyaGarrett.com

Congratulations, Anya! As you'd say, "You're pretty!" I'll say! Viva!

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Sans Pantaloons said...

Anya is an excellent photographer.