Monday, March 16, 2009

Get Well Soon, Totonno's o' Coney Island

I heard on the radio this morning that lil' ol' Totonno's on Neptune Avenue in Coney Island sustained major damage in a fire on Saturday. Boo!!! This is disheartening. Totonno's opened in 1924, and they vow to reopen. Luckily, I was there on Valentine's Day Weekend and was able to share the goodness with my sister Whip and her husband before it burned, because it just won't be the same. I generally try not to be that a-hole who is all, "This is the BEST pizza, way better than any pizza you think is the best pizza," but it was. Get well soon, Totonno's.

Me n' Mike at Totonno's after a November swim in Coney Island with the Bears.
Photo by Seneca. 11/12/06

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