Monday, March 30, 2009

Anne Finally Gets Her Sh*t Together to See Les Paul Tonight

Seriously, it's taken me years to drag my fat ass to simply perform a few strokes on a keyboard and plunk down a few bucks with the purpose of seeing a legend, one who is entering his 95th year on the planet, and

And I received the following email this morning:

"Les Paul will not be performing tonight due to illness; world class guitarist Larry Coryell will be sitting in for him with the Les Paul Trio as his backing band. Your tickets for Les Paul will be refunded, but we encourage you to purchase tickets to see Larry Coryell ($25 with a $15 food/beverage minimum). Hope to see you tonight!"


Get well soon, Les.

1 comment:

teri said...

oh man, that sucks!

better luck next time and hopefully you can get your butt up and going to see the show.