Tuesday, March 31, 2009

See Anne Live at The Back Room This Friday, April 3

Ochi's Lounge is a delightful little space to see live whatevs, and The Back Room--the consistently hilarious comedy show brought to you by Jenny Rubin, Shawn Hollenbach and Paul Case--is at Ochi's again this Friday at 9 pm. Ochi's Lounge is located in the basement of Comix. Near the restrooms. Enticed? Not yet? There's a fancy bathroom attendant in the Men's Room! He is nice! His name is Ochi! They named the lounge after him! Confused? Great!
Here's other crap you need to know about it:

The Back Room at Ochi's Lounge

Featuring hilarity (and in my case, stupidity) from:

Jenny Rubin!
Robert Keller!
Dave Rubin!
Leah Dubie!
Leibya Rogers!
Paul Case!
Shawn Hollenbach!
& yours truly,
Anne Altman!

9 pm!
No cover!

Here are pics from the Back Room from 3/21/09!

Shawn Hollenbach!

Paul Case!

Jenny Rubin!

See you there!

I like to yell sometimes!

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